Target Dollar Spot

My favorite hobby lately has been to search through Instagram for other teacher’s posts. I like to read blogs but sometimes the pictures are all I need for inspiration. After seeing at at least 10 other teachers post what they found at the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I had to go. 5 minutes in my basket was full and I was in heaven.

Seriously, look at all of the awesome materials I got!

image1 (3)

These will be perfect for some of my lower learners. I am setting up a brand new task box system in my classroom-some of the clip and lacing products will be great to include! It’s a relief to know I already have some stuff ready to go, now I just need to add to the system.

image4 (1)

Sometimes my higher functioning students get left out in the dollar section hauls. I was pretty excited to see some products addressing goals like multiplication and telling time!

image3 (2)

I was not sure about these two puzzles at first because there are so many pieces to each-but I went for it. Maybe I can add magnets to the back and make this a puzzle to do on the whiteboard-I think my students will enjoy getting to stand and work for a little bit.

image2 (2)

And two teacher goodies, just for fun 🙂

image1 (4)

Go to Target and see what you can find! Happy shopping.