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My New Logo!!

I am so excited to share my brand new logo created by Ashley with Teach Create Motivate! She is featuring a branding package that was exactly what I was looking for!

The process was super simple. I saw her post on Instagram about the branding package and I emailed her for more information. She emailed me back in minutes!! I explained to her what I was looking for and provided the clip art I wanted to use. When I purchased the package, her next available date to start was July 18, which she confirmed in the email.

True to her word, she emailed me on July 18 to say she stared my package! In the 19th I received two sample headers. I absolutely loved one of them and told her to go ahead and move forward with that design! The next day she had the logo done as well-check it out:



I absolutely love it!! I wanted the train station feel to go along with the name and I wanted bright, vivid colors and kid friendly text! She totally hit the nail on the head with this logo! The matching header is just as cute!



If you need a branding package but are as graphic design challenged as I am, check out her site-the money is totally worth it!!

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Mid July Check In

I know I know, I’m two days late with my check in but for a good reason! I finally took a little time off of the teacher grind and spent the weekend enjoying myself with family! Mu husband went out of town and although I missed him-it was nice to spend time with my parents, aunts & uncles and cousins!

First, it was an INCREDIBLE week for me on TPT. The Teachers Pay Teachers conference was this past week in Orlando, Florida. A hashtag called #spedtakesorlando was started on TPT. Authors added the hashtag to select products in their store and marked those products down to a $1. I sold more in a 48 hour span then I normally sell in 3 months! Look at this graph!


I am so excited that so many people are trying out my products! It was incredible to see so many people interested in what I do and I’m already getting great feedback!

I am also excited to say that I have all of my September plans done! I still need to create some of the materials, but I have a framework for each content area. Check it out!


So I can keep track, here is what I need to get done for each area, to make sure I stay ahead:

  • Reading: Comprehension Pretest/Post test, Emergent Reader, Guided Notes, samples
  • Language Arts: CVC word list
  • Math: Pre/Post test, interactive notes, scavenger hunt, task cards, samples
  • Science: weather notes, vocab cards, common storms, samples, water cycle notes, vocab cards, fold-able
  • Social Studies: Pre/Post test, pledge vocab, who am I reading passages,

I’m hoping to have all of that done by the end of the month, so I can spend August getting October/November prepped. YAY for being ahead!

My progress on my last set of goals: I got to 30 journals! Only 150 more to go! I started the scientific investigation items, but didn’t finish them yet. I actually pushed scientific investigation to October, so it was not as crucial as it originally seemed. I also finished the touch math product! I did not get to CVC file folders again and I’m guessing it’s just not important right now, so I am pushing it to the back burner.

Goals for the second half of July

  • Get all of the materials done that I listed above
  • Finish Oct. adapted materials for my lower students. I still need
    • Graphing Unit completed
    • Scientific Investigation Unit completed
    • Create Government unit
  • Print and prepare September Binder
  • Start creating a Special Ed teacher binder

I’ll check in on this list around August 1 (which is the due date for one of my closest friend’s first baby!!)

Home Office

Home Office Essentials

First, can I just say Thank God for helpful hubbies that are willing to cut, laminate and Velcro materials for your classroom? I know it’s not Corey’s favorite thing in the world, but nothing makes me happier then when he sits down and starts tackling the pile in the corner of our living room.

image1 (10).JPG


I always waited to use the supplies at my school. I started to realize two things. First, the quality of some of the products at my school were not great so I was having to remake materials every couple of months. Also, the work goes faster when I’m at home with a glass of wine and my puppy.

Tomorrow is Prime Day for Amazon-and I will be watching to see if my favorites go up as part of the sale! Here are the things I have at home that I can’t live without now!

  1. A laminator! I can’t believe I’ve only been using the school laminator. The quality from the home laminators is incredible. A lot of my colleagues use Scotch brand, but I find the Amazon brand to work just fine! This laminator costs about $22 and a package of 100 laminating sheets is only $13! I still use the school laminator for file folders, books and other big pieces. I use the at home laminator for all of the little pieces that get handled frequently by the kids.
  2. Velcro-I actually buy off brand because Velcro is super expensive. I do splurge and buy the pre-cut discs, cutting lamination is a total pain. I really like this brand, it seems to be holding up pretty well! 1000 pieces may seem like a lot but trust me, once you get into the file folder/adapted book world you will be flying through your stock.
  3. A paper cutter-my husband bought this for my birthday and I absolutely love it! I think he bought it for himself to be honest, but either way it was a great addition to my home office. It did cost about $30 but it was worth it@

I have my eyes set on a new binding machine. One of my favorite bloggers, Simply Special Ed, posts that she uses the RubiCoil binding machine and her binding on her books looks awesome. I want one badly but the price tag is holding me back. Here’s to hoping that it goes on sale tomorrow!

What are your classroom essentials?

Adapted Books

Freebie! Left and Right Adapted Book

I promised a freebie about a week ago and kind of forgot to post it! I created this book for a student who is working on learning the difference between left and right. I uploaded it in my TPT store for free-go grab it and leave some feedback 🙂


image1 (8).JPG



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Recap of June!

I will be honest, my June goals quickly got pushed aside! I went to my county’s media center to print and laminate materials from my new Numbers and Counting unit on Monday and saw a sign that the center was closing for good on Thursday-so sad! They are looking to relocate it but that likely won’t be until August. I quickly got to work to get my September materials prepped, I didn’t want to be in that cram with all the other teachers fighting to get work in. I worked my butt off for 72 hours and I created 3 adapted books and comprehension materials for reading, units on the US symbols and the Pledge of Allegiance for social studies and a weather unit for science. So proud of myself!

image1 (6).JPG

Although I did get the math vocabulary task cards and problem and solution passages from my June goals completed, the journals and CVC file folders got pushed to the back burner. Check out the picture above, though, and you will see that it was worth it!

Time for some July goals! I’m actually going to split July into two goal blocks-I wanted to make sure I make the most of this summer!! Here are my goals through July 15:

  • Get to work on those journals!! 180 is a big number to get to-maybe I can get to number 30 by July 15?
  • Finish the adapted graphing file folders and worksheets-one of the VAAP concepts (the alternative assessment in Virginia) is to insert data into a pre-constructed template. I am creating some samples to work on this with my lower functioning students
  • I also need to figure out how to teach the scientific investigation to my lower students-I’m going to push myself to have all of the materials created in PowerPoint by July 15.
  • Touch Math for money!! I made a touch math for quarters file folder for a kid who REALLY needed it for ESY, while I’m thinking about it I want to make some for the rest of the coins too.
  • Plan scientific investigation unit for higher kids-not going to go overboard. I’m going to use some pre-created materials, I just want to have the month planned out!
  • Those CVC file folders-can’t forget about them!

That’s good for now! We are off to Williamburg to enjoy the long weekend and watch two dear friends get married!! Happy 4th everyone!




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Numbers and Counting Unit!

I have been wanting to make this unit for a while, but it quickly became apparent that I needed this ASAP for an ESY kiddo. I spent all weekend long pulling this together and laminated everything yesterday. My fingers are sore from all the Velcro today but this product is ready to go for tomorrow!

I LOVE adapted books so I took a try at making some-I love how they came out! In the counting book, the kids will count the objects in the picture and find the matching number. The numbers are on a panel that is bound to the back page of the book. For the ocean book, students count out fish for each page. There are 55 fish total for this book, so I am going to keep all the fish in a zip lock bag stapled to the back page of the book.

count book.jpg         ocean


I created a Count the Objects File Folder with large pictures for the student to count. The Count the Chocolate Chips, Match the Dominoes and Count the Tally Marks versions provide a nice challenge for students with more advanced one-to-one correspondence.

count object.jpg                   chocolate chips.jpg


IMG_3572[1]                    tally marks


The Match the Robots file folder is a more simple file folder that just requires students to match the number. The number puzzle is also a more simple product that has students put the number in order. Once they get the numbers in order they reveal a beach scene, which also helps them in self-correction.


robot.jpg                number puzzle.jpg


There are two Tens Frame file folder games that are more complex. Sometimes my middle tier students get left out-I’m excited to have two new file folders that target their level!

IMG_3570[1]                   maketen.jpg


The last thing included are two sets of task cards. In the first step, students count the objects and chose the correct number from the 3 listed below. Students can use clothespins or a dry erase marker to select their answer. In the second version, they count and match the number. I have all the numbers on a spare card at the end of the task card set.


counttask.jpg           task card.jpg      task card number.jpg


This product is on sale through Thursday, 6/30!! Grab it before it goes full price at Adaption Station on Teachers Pay Teachers! Also, I will be posting this in a freebie giveaway on Thursday, so if you want this for free be sure to follow me on Instagram! for a chance to win!!

And seriously, I have about 12 followers right now so you have a really chance at winning 🙂







A Second Trip to Target

I know, two trips to Target in one day is a little obsessive, but there were some products I saw on Instagram that were not at the first Target I went too. Luckily I found them at the second Target-as well as some other things I just had to have.

image1 (5)

I am SO excited for these felt books. I saw them on Instagram and had to search for them, but it was worth it! The blue book is PERFECT for working on fine motor skills-the kids get to practice the skills of buttons, fastens, ties and zippers. The red book also has button practice, as well as shape matching, lacing and telling time.

image2 (3)

I found these two by accident and I got really excited!! Picture tiles go on the left side and students use the pieces to spell the words on the right. This is going to make a perfect aide-run station while I get some direct instruction in with my other students. I bought the 3 and 4 word building sets. They had a 5 word building set too that I thought about-and knowing me I will probably go back and get that one too.

image3 (3)

I also found the last clip set that I needed to fill what I wanted. I have shapes, colors and days of the week. Am I missing any? Comment and let me know!


image5 (1)

My last two purchases were extra-My last alphabet puzzle was cardboard and did not make it through the year. Here’s to hoping the wooden version can last a little longer. I also got a felt memory game because I think it will be a great addition to the break area!

image4 (2)

That’s all-for now!