A Second Trip to Target

I know, two trips to Target in one day is a little obsessive, but there were some products I saw on Instagram that were not at the first Target I went too. Luckily I found them at the second Target-as well as some other things I just had to have.

image1 (5)

I am SO excited for these felt books. I saw them on Instagram and had to search for them, but it was worth it! The blue book is PERFECT for working on fine motor skills-the kids get to practice the skills of buttons, fastens, ties and zippers. The red book also has button practice, as well as shape matching, lacing and telling time.

image2 (3)

I found these two by accident and I got really excited!! Picture tiles go on the left side and students use the pieces to spell the words on the right. This is going to make a perfect aide-run station while I get some direct instruction in with my other students. I bought the 3 and 4 word building sets. They had a 5 word building set too that I thought about-and knowing me I will probably go back and get that one too.

image3 (3)

I also found the last clip set that I needed to fill what I wanted. I have shapes, colors and days of the week. Am I missing any? Comment and let me know!


image5 (1)

My last two purchases were extra-My last alphabet puzzle was cardboard and did not make it through the year. Here’s to hoping the wooden version can last a little longer. I also got a felt memory game because I think it will be a great addition to the break area!

image4 (2)

That’s all-for now!


Target Dollar Spot

My favorite hobby lately has been to search through Instagram for other teacher’s posts. I like to read blogs but sometimes the pictures are all I need for inspiration. After seeing at at least 10 other teachers post what they found at the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I had to go. 5 minutes in my basket was full and I was in heaven.

Seriously, look at all of the awesome materials I got!

image1 (3)

These will be perfect for some of my lower learners. I am setting up a brand new task box system in my classroom-some of the clip and lacing products will be great to include! It’s a relief to know I already have some stuff ready to go, now I just need to add to the system.

image4 (1)

Sometimes my higher functioning students get left out in the dollar section hauls. I was pretty excited to see some products addressing goals like multiplication and telling time!

image3 (2)

I was not sure about these two puzzles at first because there are so many pieces to each-but I went for it. Maybe I can add magnets to the back and make this a puzzle to do on the whiteboard-I think my students will enjoy getting to stand and work for a little bit.

image2 (2)

And two teacher goodies, just for fun 🙂

image1 (4)

Go to Target and see what you can find! Happy shopping.