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The 3 MUST HAVES for at home #SPEDPREP

We’ve all been there. You are walking through the office and someone reminds you that you have a huge meeting the next day. Or you find that sticky note that reminds you that you are suppose to print off a visual for a student. Or you just need a token board like yesterday, and you can’t imagine going into work tomorrow without it. I just found myself in that position this week. I did not remember until Monday afternoon that I needed to present a student success binder Tuesday morning. With these 3 tools I was able to save my own butt.



The first thing you need is a color printer. I know I know, that color ink is expensive! I just started using the HP Instant Ink program and I have been loving it! Here’s a referral code if you are interested!

There are 3 different ink plans: 2.99 a month to print 50 color pages, $4.99 a month to print 100 color pages and $9.99 a month to print 300 color pages! The instant ink program sends you more ink when you need it and makes color printing super affordable. If you go over your color ink allotment, you can print 15, 20 or 25 more pages for $1, depending on which program you choose.


If nothing else, have a small set of ink available for emergencies. I have spent many days getting to school early and trying to print and prep on the school printers. It was so nice to hit print on my computer while I was making dinner and have the 15ish pages I needed waiting for me when I came up.


The second thing is a paper cutter. Be nice to your hands! I cut everything with scissors for years but now that I have the paper cutter I’ll never go back! (Disclaimer, if something has to go you CAN cut by hand. This one isn’t an essential, but its nice to have!)


The last thing is a personal laminator. Ya’ll, if you are still laminating everything on the school laminator, STOP!! I did not get my own laminator until this past May but it is the best purchase I ever made. It is high quality, can withstand the fingers of little kids, and makes those last minute emergency items a breeze. This combo set comes with 100 pouches, which will get you far!




In less then 30 minutes I had printed, cut out, laminated and hole punched everything I needed for the binder. I went to sleep with no stress on the brain and I was able to present the binder to the parents and the team. It was a win win and worth every penny!

The two products featured in the photos are Simply Special Ed’s Student Success Binder and Especially Education’s Whole Body Listening set. I paired these two products together to make the ultimate tool for my student to stay on track in general education!

Home Office

Home Office Essentials

First, can I just say Thank God for helpful hubbies that are willing to cut, laminate and Velcro materials for your classroom? I know it’s not Corey’s favorite thing in the world, but nothing makes me happier then when he sits down and starts tackling the pile in the corner of our living room.

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I always waited to use the supplies at my school. I started to realize two things. First, the quality of some of the products at my school were not great so I was having to remake materials every couple of months. Also, the work goes faster when I’m at home with a glass of wine and my puppy.

Tomorrow is Prime Day for Amazon-and I will be watching to see if my favorites go up as part of the sale! Here are the things I have at home that I can’t live without now!

  1. A laminator! I can’t believe I’ve only been using the school laminator. The quality from the home laminators is incredible. A lot of my colleagues use Scotch brand, but I find the Amazon brand to work just fine! This laminator costs about $22 and a package of 100 laminating sheets is only $13! I still use the school laminator for file folders, books and other big pieces. I use the at home laminator for all of the little pieces that get handled frequently by the kids.
  2. Velcro-I actually buy off brand because Velcro is super expensive. I do splurge and buy the pre-cut discs, cutting lamination is a total pain. I really like this brand, it seems to be holding up pretty well! 1000 pieces may seem like a lot but trust me, once you get into the file folder/adapted book world you will be flying through your stock.
  3. A paper cutter-my husband bought this for my birthday and I absolutely love it! I think he bought it for himself to be honest, but either way it was a great addition to my home office. It did cost about $30 but it was worth it@

I have my eyes set on a new binding machine. One of my favorite bloggers, Simply Special Ed, posts that she uses the RubiCoil binding machine and her binding on her books looks awesome. I want one badly but the price tag is holding me back. Here’s to hoping that it goes on sale tomorrow!

What are your classroom essentials?