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Halloween Party in a Self-Contained Classroom!

I have always struggled with parties. My class needs structure and hands on activities. Who else can relate? I worked hard to plan my class’ halloween party this past Friday and it actually went really well! Most of the activities we did came from my Halloween Weekly Pack.


The first activity we did was Halloween Bingo. Students had to fill up the entire board to win. We had been reading the books included in the weekly pack all week to get my class familiar with the different halloween costumes.


The second activity was a fun activity my Occupational Therapist left for us. It was super simple. The kids thread orange pony beads onto green pipe cleaners. We tied them off and made a knot at the top to make it look like a pumpkin. It was an awesome fine motor task!



We moved onto a cool ghost balloon experiment. I am terrified of balloons so this was a hard one for me to lead, but it was worth it to see the kids reactions!






Making witches brew foam was next on this list. This one was messy but so much fun! A mix of shaving creme, baking soda, contact solution, glue and purple food coloring made a weird but fun consistency. Now if only I had plastic spiders to throw in!








We put the mix in plastic baggies. Not only did it allow students to play without getting even more messy, we were able to send it home too!



The last thing was the candy corn fruit cups. You can cut up fresh fruit, or use Dole fruit cups. Either works! It is a healthier snack but still yummy with dollops of whipped cream on top.








It took us about 90 minutes to get through all of the activities. It was a very successful party! You can grab my halloween pack HERE. Not only do you get the visual directions and bingo cards in the pack, you get reading, math, language arts, gross motor activities, task cards and more!

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Reindeer Treat Bags

My kids run a treat cart every Monday. Next Monday is the last Monday before winter break and we wanted to do something fun and festive. After a lot of searching, I came up with these reindeer treat bags.


The supplies are super simple. You need

  • Baggies
  • Red Candy
  • Popcorn and other treats
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Google Eyes

Pastry or piping bags were recommended, but I bought twist tie bags from Walmart that worked just as well. I ended up using Brach’s cinnamon hard candies for the reindeer nose, although any red candy would work. We also mixed preztels into our popcorn mixture. You can tweak the popcorn mixture or just leave it as popcorn if you want!

The kids need to put a red candy in the corner of the bag, then fill it with the popcorn mixture. The red candy will be the nose and the popcorn will make up the body.img_6409

Once the body is made, the kids need to tie off the “reindeerr”. This was tough for my kiddos, but a couple of them were able to figure it out. It was great fine motor practice! If your kids cannot get it, they can also tie it off with a twist tie. img_6417

The last steps are to wrap a brown pipe cleaner around the top and add googly eyes. We did use a hot glue gun for the googly eye. We learned that the hot glue itself will not melt the plastic baggie, but the tip of the glue gun will. It worked best when we put the glue on the back of the eye, then stuck the eye to the baggie.



Want to try this recipe in your classroom? Grab the visual here for free! Let me know how it works for you!!