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Numbers and Counting Unit!

I have been wanting to make this unit for a while, but it quickly became apparent that I needed this ASAP for an ESY kiddo. I spent all weekend long pulling this together and laminated everything yesterday. My fingers are sore from all the Velcro today but this product is ready to go for tomorrow!

I LOVE adapted books so I took a try at making some-I love how they came out! In the counting book, the kids will count the objects in the picture and find the matching number. The numbers are on a panel that is bound to the back page of the book. For the ocean book, students count out fish for each page. There are 55 fish total for this book, so I am going to keep all the fish in a zip lock bag stapled to the back page of the book.

count book.jpg         ocean


I created a Count the Objects File Folder with large pictures for the student to count. The Count the Chocolate Chips, Match the Dominoes and Count the Tally Marks versions provide a nice challenge for students with more advanced one-to-one correspondence.

count object.jpg                   chocolate chips.jpg


IMG_3572[1]                    tally marks


The Match the Robots file folder is a more simple file folder that just requires students to match the number. The number puzzle is also a more simple product that has students put the number in order. Once they get the numbers in order they reveal a beach scene, which also helps them in self-correction.


robot.jpg                number puzzle.jpg


There are two Tens Frame file folder games that are more complex. Sometimes my middle tier students get left out-I’m excited to have two new file folders that target their level!

IMG_3570[1]                   maketen.jpg


The last thing included are two sets of task cards. In the first step, students count the objects and chose the correct number from the 3 listed below. Students can use clothespins or a dry erase marker to select their answer. In the second version, they count and match the number. I have all the numbers on a spare card at the end of the task card set.


counttask.jpg           task card.jpg      task card number.jpg


This product is on sale through Thursday, 6/30!! Grab it before it goes full price at Adaption Station on Teachers Pay Teachers! Also, I will be posting this in a freebie giveaway on Thursday, so if you want this for free be sure to follow me on Instagram! for a chance to win!!

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A Second Trip to Target

I know, two trips to Target in one day is a little obsessive, but there were some products I saw on Instagram that were not at the first Target I went too. Luckily I found them at the second Target-as well as some other things I just had to have.

image1 (5)

I am SO excited for these felt books. I saw them on Instagram and had to search for them, but it was worth it! The blue book is PERFECT for working on fine motor skills-the kids get to practice the skills of buttons, fastens, ties and zippers. The red book also has button practice, as well as shape matching, lacing and telling time.

image2 (3)

I found these two by accident and I got really excited!! Picture tiles go on the left side and students use the pieces to spell the words on the right. This is going to make a perfect aide-run station while I get some direct instruction in with my other students. I bought the 3 and 4 word building sets. They had a 5 word building set too that I thought about-and knowing me I will probably go back and get that one too.

image3 (3)

I also found the last clip set that I needed to fill what I wanted. I have shapes, colors and days of the week. Am I missing any? Comment and let me know!


image5 (1)

My last two purchases were extra-My last alphabet puzzle was cardboard and did not make it through the year. Here’s to hoping the wooden version can last a little longer. I also got a felt memory game because I think it will be a great addition to the break area!

image4 (2)

That’s all-for now!


Target Dollar Spot

My favorite hobby lately has been to search through Instagram for other teacher’s posts. I like to read blogs but sometimes the pictures are all I need for inspiration. After seeing at at least 10 other teachers post what they found at the Target Dollar Spot, I knew I had to go. 5 minutes in my basket was full and I was in heaven.

Seriously, look at all of the awesome materials I got!

image1 (3)

These will be perfect for some of my lower learners. I am setting up a brand new task box system in my classroom-some of the clip and lacing products will be great to include! It’s a relief to know I already have some stuff ready to go, now I just need to add to the system.

image4 (1)

Sometimes my higher functioning students get left out in the dollar section hauls. I was pretty excited to see some products addressing goals like multiplication and telling time!

image3 (2)

I was not sure about these two puzzles at first because there are so many pieces to each-but I went for it. Maybe I can add magnets to the back and make this a puzzle to do on the whiteboard-I think my students will enjoy getting to stand and work for a little bit.

image2 (2)

And two teacher goodies, just for fun 🙂

image1 (4)

Go to Target and see what you can find! Happy shopping.



Goals for June

I have a lot I want to accomplish over the next 12 months in my classroom-so much that it is almost mind boggling! I want to maximize this summer the most, and I figured the best form of accountability is to make my goals public. We’ve only got 9 more days in June but I have some projects that I really want to squeeze in before the end of the month:

  • Problem and Solution passages: One of my kiddos needs these for ESY. I’m almost done, I just need my husband (and permanent copy editor) to take a glance at them.
  • Big/Small and Tall/Short task cards: Another student needs these for ESY so they are are the top of the priority list!
  • Level 2 of my differentiated writing journal: I have created this journal for a specific student in mind. When I finish this project I’ll have 180 journals for her-one for each school day next year! I might not get all 180 written over the next 9 days, but I hope to make a start!
  • 3 versions of CVC file folders for one of the families-I’ll get the other 4 I have planned done at some point this summer 🙂

That’s a pretty good start to the list. I’ll check in towards the end of next week to share what I got done and set some goals for July. I’ll also be posting a freebie soon so check back in!



Hi! My name’s Nicole. I just turn in the keys to my classroom this morning and I’m officially on summer break. I figured it’s the perfect time to get my blog up and running. Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I teach a self-contained class for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders grades 3-5 at a public school in Northern Virginia.
  • I have a Masters in Special Education and I am working on a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • I have been teaching for 3 years, all at the same school. Prior to teaching I spend one year as a teaching assistant in a high school. I definitely like my grade band better now!
  • I got married less then 2 months ago and my husband and I have the cutest fur-baby named Buster. I’ve got a picture of my adorable family at the bottom of this post.
  • This past year was hard, really hard. I learned a lot of valuable lessons and I am going to use the summer to re-vamp my approach. I’ll be blogging along the way 🙂
  • My students participate in the Virginia Alternative Assessment Program as their statewide assessment. I create a lot of materials to match up to the aligned standards. We don’t use Common Core in my state but I try and tag my information well so non-Virginia teachers can find materials too!
  • I’m so excited to get the ball rolling and I can’t wait to share on my path to a new and improved classroom.12240026_10208217209170872_735240098849124710_n!